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Interview with Pål

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

What we do in ZTL would not have been possible without the incredibly talented people who work here.

They are some of the most experienced and highly qualified people in the business, with a passion for challenging existing value chains and creating new and better user experiences.

One of our new faces is ZTL’s new CTO, Pål Myren, who joined us in October.


Pål Myren, CTO

– I have worked in the financial services industry for the last 20 years or so. I’ve been mostly on the tech side of things, but leaning more into the business side as well in recent years.

– I have worked internationally in fintech for years; in the US, the Asia-Pacific region, and multiple European regions, with large enterprises. I have seen first-hand the need for challenging and expanding the services of the bank industry as well as international payment services. The way I see it, we need to make sure that the end users can have more flexible day-to-day operations – but a big part of the existing services on the market are highly regulated by the industries themselves. Because of some of these challenges, the technology, and therefore many of the companies, are falling behind.

– What ZTL have started here, on the other hand, is extraordinary, and something I believe will prove very important for the service and the industry. I believe that within 5 to 10 years, we will have built a substantial presence on the market, helping those services moving forward.

– This has been the perfect time for me to join the team, and I believe I can contribute with my experience. What I’ve been working with in the last few years is expanding and scaling companies, and that’s just what ZTL are doing now. I feel that I’ve joined ZTL at exactly the right time.

From Corporate to Start-Up

As the Chief Technical Officer, Pål is responsible for the technology of ZTL. Having worked with many large enterprises in the past, he is clear on why he was eager to join an innovative start-up like ZTL:

– Some of the main benefits of working in a smaller company and start-up compared to larger corporations if the flexibility, and being so much closer to all of the other people who work here. For me, these things make work more enjoyable, and it helps enable fast decision making.

– So far, my day-to-day work here at ZTL has been very diverse, with no two days alike. On different days I can be working with partners, customers, or internal stakeholders. I go into the office to meet a new challenge every day, which I love; this is another benefit of working in a start-up.

And the best thing about working at ZTL? Obviously the people, says Pål.

– I love the people here. There is such passion and energy in these offices, which is really inspiring.

Looking Ahead

Having just joined the team at ZTL, Pål has plenty of ambition and goals for the future of the company. One of the first goals on the horizon is, of course, the launch of the ZTL solutions.

– The feeling you get when you can finally launch a new solution to the market is something that can’t really be described, and it is unique each time. Once you can see services, companies, and people using your solutions and utilizing them, you see how it actually brings value back to the market.

– In 5 years from now, I reckon ZTL will be one of the leading financial services providers in Europe. We have something exceptional to offer. The regulations in the financial services industry today are slowly changing, and the European PSD2 regulation for electronic payment services will be something that everyone will need to adhere to. At ZTL we are already utilizing this within our services, and we are the first to do that. Because of the development within the industry, I believe that companies and financial institutions will need our services. We will be ready and happy to provide.

– Once the rest of the world catches up to the highly digitized solutions we have here in Scandinavia and some other regions, we at ZTL will have the solutions that are needed and be ready to conquer the world.

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