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We are looking for employees who always strive to develop themselves and our organization. We expect you to be committed and eager and to have the ability to work in teams

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ZTL is a Fintech company with the ambition to redefine today’s corporate payment services. We have launched an innovative payment platform, utilizing technology for a better corporate payment experience. Our team consists of passionate and skilled people representing deep industry knowledge and experience.

As a challenger, ZTL is characterized by an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset. Our global payment solution is built on smart technology utilizing PSD2 (Payment Services Directive no. 2). We enable clever integration into ERP (accounting) systems through API building blocks to build customized payment solutions.

Hiring ZTL

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Thank you for your interest in joining our team at ZTL.  

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals who share our passion and values. We encourage you to stay connected with us by joining our Talent Network.


We offer a culture of continuous learning, growth, and opportunities

Partner Success Manager

Kristian IVs gate 15, 0164 Oslo, Norway

  • Fluent in English

  • 3-4 years of experience in a similar role

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and computer-savvy

  • Passionate, hard-working, and self-motivated

  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to solve complex problems 

  • Experience working with startups/fintechs is a plus

  • A people person with excellent communication skills


Office, Oslo

3+ years of experience

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Kristian IVs gate 15, 0164 Oslo, Norway

  • 5+ years of experience as a Full Stack Developer or similar positions. 

  • Excellent communication skills – oral and written. 

  • Technology around Kotlin, Java, React, Terraform, Azure.  

  • Bonus: You have relevant experience or knowledge about accounting, B2B payments such as international and domestic, PSD2, and more. 

  • Relevant higher education. Any gaps in education can be filled by relevant experience. 

  • Strong corporate product instincts; you intuitively understand why product ideas will succeed. 

  • Has the ability to create enthusiasm and results through engaging and motivating the team. 


Office, Oslo

5+ years of experience

Join our ambitious, fast-paced FinTech

As we aspire to shape the future of payments

  • Are there any hidden fees?
    Take a look at our Terms & Conditions here:
  • Is my money safe?
    ZTL utilizes clients accounts from one of the largest banks in the world. The money going through these client accounts are legally yours, not ZTL's. In case of the unlikely event of a ZTL bankruptcy, your funds are safe.
  • How much does it cost?
    You will get a free account with no setup fee, no transaction fees, no monthly fees, and lower foreign exchange rates than your current bank offers, with support for over 20 currencies
  • How long will the transfer take?
    On major currencies, transfers are T+2 (a transaction date plus two days). However, occasional routine checks may affect the delivery time. Typically, transfers are completed within one day
  • Analytic skills?
    We are ramping up our analytics capacities to ensure we are building a truly data-driven approach to international payments. Over the next months, we’ll be looking for data scientists with experience in time series analysis, stream processing, and actually getting their models to production. If you don’t just live in the world of Matlab-scripts but know what a Docker container is as well as how to put your work into it and get it into the cloud, do get in touch.
  • Cross-functional
    The team is growing, and we are looking for people that find our product, technology, and company interesting. We have sketched out some roles we believe we need below, but we do not like to use labels. We expect you to be interested and open to everything, even though you are an expert in one or more. And if you want to get involved in other areas to change your expertise we believe the right people can fill almost any position. We value good discussions higher than business card titles. A new developer’s input is just as valid as the senior’s.
  • Where?
    At ZTL we embraces a hybrid working model that allows employees to enjoy the best of both worlds - the flexibility of remote work and the benefits of in-person collaboration.
  • Technology team
    We are looking for team players that are proud of their craftsmanship and want to join us in building our disruptive payment platform. As a startup, ZTL has no legacy in either technology or organization. It enables us to focus on automating quality assurance, release, and deployment to shorten the feedback loops through frequent releases. We strive to operate by the motto of “you build it, you run it”, and there is no dedicated operations team that will do that for you. You take responsibility for what you have made, but you also decide how. To succeed in building our platform and company we need craftsmanship and enthusiasm. We are looking for people proud of their work that enjoy collaborating in cross-functional teams to find the best solutions.
  • What we offer
    Modern tech stack with an almost blank canvas Central offices Choose your own tools: Free choice of Windows, MacBook, or Linux laptop and your favorite IDEs Competitive salary + stock options Health insurances
  • Shift left!
    We aim to build QA, architecture, and security into our process by shifting left where possible and expect all our developers and team members to appreciate the importance of moving fast while maintaining high quality.
  • Domain expertise!
    With our focus on a cross-functional team, we rely on building knowledge about the business topic also in tech roles. If you can hit the ground running with domain expertise in payments, PSD2, and FSA-regulated solutions, that would be a great bonus.
  • Tech stack and tooling
    All our systems are new with modern technologies. But all our technology is subject to being replaced and iterated over time. Craftsmanship and the right people will enable us to be highly dynamic, making changes as needed, so we avoid becoming the slow giants of yesteryear. We run all our platforms in the cloud, using containers, Infrastructure as Code, and cloud capacities. This means we have carte blanche for a slim and effective team. Some current technologies: NodeJS, Spring Boot, Docker, Kubernetes, Helmfile, BitBucket Pipeline, MongoDB, Python, Azure Cloud, Cucumber, Grafana, Prometheus, Slack, and Atlassian Suite.

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