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A hassle-free API solution for managing your cross-border payments

ZTL offers API with live and transparent FX rates.

No pre-funding or hidden fees!

ZTL's rocket

Banks hide their charges for a reason

Because they're substantial, especially with international payments

Stop leaving your money on the table!

What did you really pay for that cross-border transaction? Just a transaction fee? Not quite. You've likely also shelled out around 1% for each foreign exchange transfer (both in and out)




Cross-border payment:

Transaction fee:


≈1% and more*

2-20 EUR per transaction

Bank collateral or guarantees required

less than 0.5%*


No guarantees or collateral

Cut your costs by up to 50%

On every transaction, whether it's an international payment or even an internal transfer. Stop leaving your company's money with the banks!

* The information presented herein is intended for general informational purposes related to foreign exchange (FX) rates and is susceptible to alterations. It is important to note that the calculations displayed are grounded on numerous assumptions, including, but not confined to, fees associated with bank transfers, transaction costs, exchange rate mark-ups, and various other contributing factors. Consequently, the amounts shown should be considered indicative and are by no means precise or definitive.

A comprehensive API for modern FX operations

Our API seamlessly integrates with existing software, making it easy to incorporate FX functionalities 

How it works


Establish API integration
with ZTL


Choose an invoice and

generate a payment for it


Retrieve the FX rate and secure

the rate on the specified date

Pay out

Execute the payout on
a selected date

Let's discuss how we
can help accelerate 
cross-border payments

Modern robust FX solution

Enhance your platform with transparent, real-time, and bank-independent payments

We are all set


Approved by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA)


We utilize your existing bank



ZTL provides a modular payment API for building a more reliable FX solution

We are all set

Perfect for

Let's discuss how
we can help accelerate
your cross-border payments

Let's talk cross-border

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