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An exciting autumn and winter ahead

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

We are looking forward to an incredibly exciting autumn and winter, says Andreas Bjerke, CEO at ZTL Payment Solutions.

In April last year, ZTL Payment Solutions became the third Norwegian company to receive a PSD2 license by The Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA). In November they started the first pilot installation with Centiga.

– 2020 was still a start-up year for us, and this year we have developed our payment platform further. Next year we will start delivering on the foundation we have built, Andreas continues.

The company’s goal is to challenge existing business models in payment services, not least for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

This is a market that banks have traditionally had a solid grip on, but by developing a payment platform that can be integrated into accounting systems, that is something ZTL wants to change.

Trung Minh Tran (CPO), Vegard Aven (Delivery Director), Andreas Bjerke (CEO) and Mari Bjurling (CFO) / ZTL

Trung Minh Tran (CPO), Vegard Aven (Delivery Director), Andreas Bjerke (CEO) and Mari Bjurling (CFO) / ZTL

– We want to enable a frictionless and bank independent payment service, directly from the accounting system. The effects we have seen from PSD2 so far has only been ripples on the surface. It is when the major value chains change that something will happen. And our goal is simply to change the value chain for corporate payments and challenge the banks domain on delivering this service, Andreas continues.

ZTL recently closed its tenth share issue.

– I am proud and humbled by the support we have received. We have completed several issues, and time and time again the existing shareholders give us their support, Andreas says.

Currently, Centiga is the first and only accounting system provider to have integrated ZTL as part of its solution. That agreement has begun to generate some revenue, but is above all a “proof of concept” that will be able to open new doors for ZTL.

Although Andreas Bjerke does not say anything about new customers, it is obvious that things will probably happen during the autumn. The ZTL manager says that the number of employees has gone from almost ten at the beginning of the year, to 17 today and a goal of being 25 at the beginning of 2022. And the optimism that lies in the statement: “We are looking forward to an incredibly exciting autumn and winter», more than suggests a greatly improved customer influx.

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